Quantum and Management of BioMedical Waste Generation both Preceding and Subsequent to the Advent of Covid-19 – A Case Study at SRM Kattankulattur


  • Ashika Poondla Consultant, Tamilnadu Health system Reform Program, Teynampet, Chennai-06
  • Surya Joseph Project Research Scientist-II(Non-Medical), ICMR, NIE




COVID-19, biomedical waste management, waste segregation process


Introduction: The biomedical waste encompasses a wide range of contaminated infectious materials particularly from healthcare settings. Addressing the crucial aspects in managing biomedical waste efficiently to build resilience for health emergencies is most challenging.

Objectives: To figure out the flow of biomedical waste disposal at different facilities of COVID – 19. To identify the total, as well as the average amount of biomedical waste disposed in a day in each bin for 10 months from November 2019 to August 2020. (before and after COVID-19) in SRM hospital. To analyse the data of SRM hospital for type and nature of the biomedical waste maximum generated during COVID-19.

Methods and Material: A study was carried out from November 2019 - August 2020 to determine the change in the quantum of biomedical waste generation before and after COVID – 19 at SRMIST. A separate data log sheet was maintained to check the daily disposal of waste in each category from the wards. Sheet consists of name of the institution, month, a label “COVID - 19 Waste”, timings, columns segregated for each colour bin, and total waste generated per day.

Results: The secondary data obtained was analysed using SPSS 26 trail version and MS Excel and Paired t test was performed. The results showed substantial contrast in waste production before and after COVID-19 across all waste categories following the emergence of the global pandemic.

Conclusions: The global pandemic showed a substantial contrast in waste production before and after COVID-19 across all waste categories. The need for enhancement in handling the waste generation mainly during health crises to be emphasized.


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Poondla, A., & Joseph, S. (2024). Quantum and Management of BioMedical Waste Generation both Preceding and Subsequent to the Advent of Covid-19 – A Case Study at SRM Kattankulattur. International Journal of Preventative & Evidence Based Medicine, 1(2), 4–9. https://doi.org/10.61986/ijpem.v1.i2.2024.31



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