Aims & Scope


The aim of the International Journal of preventative and evidence based medicine (IJPEM) is to advance the field of community medicine by promoting research, knowledge sharing, and evidence-based practices that prevent disease, promote healthy lifestyles, and improve population health outcomes. The journal aims to serve as a platform for researchers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers to disseminate groundbreaking research and advancements in preventive medicine, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and global reach. By publishing high-quality research articles, facilitating knowledge dissemination, and bridging the gap between academia and real-world practice, the journal aims to contribute to the effective implementation of preventive interventions and the overall improvement of public health.


To serve as the premier forum for disseminating new research and advances in community medicine, thereby advancing global health and community well-being.


Our mission is to foster collaboration among researchers, healthcare professionals, and policymakers, providing a platform for the publication of high-quality preventive medicine research. Through rigorous scientific inquiry and knowledge sharing, we aim to drive evidencebased practices, policies, and interventions that prevent disease, promote healthy lifestyles, and improve population health outcomes.


✔ Excellence in Research: Strive to publish cutting-edge research and innovative studies that advance the field of community medicine, focusing on the identification, assessment, and implementation of effective preventive and promotive strategies.
✔ Global Reach: Establish an international presence by attracting contributions from diverse regions and engaging researchers, practitioners, and policymakers worldwide.
✔ Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Encourage collaboration between different disciplines and sectors, fostering interdisciplinary research and cross-pollination of ideas to address complex challenges in community medicine.
✔ Knowledge Dissemination: Facilitate the rapid dissemination of research findings through open access publication, enabling widespread access to evidence-based preventative medicine practices.
✔ Translation into Practice: Promote the translation of research into practice by bridging the gap between academia, healthcare providers, and policymakers, ensuring the effective implementation of preventive interventions in real-world settings. ✔ Education and Awareness: Enhance public awareness and understanding of preventive medicine by providing educational resources, promoting health literacy, and advocating for preventive health measures in communities.


❖ Establish a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the publication of high-quality research articles that meet scientific standards and contribute to the field of community medicine.
❖ Build a diverse and multidisciplinary editorial board comprising leading experts in community medicine and related disciplines.
❖ Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange by organizing conferences, workshops, and symposia focused on community medicine research.
❖ Develop partnerships with academic institutions, healthcare organizations, and public health agencies to support research and implementation projects.
❖ Implement effective digital platforms and technologies to facilitate online access to journal content, promote engagement, and enhance user experience.
❖ Collaborate with policymakers and advocacy groups to influence public health policies and guidelines, based on the latest research in community medicine.
❖ Promote the adoption of preventative medicine practices by creating educational materials, webinars, and outreach programs targeted at healthcare professionals, students, and the general public.
❖ Monitor and evaluate the impact of published research on preventive medicine practices and health outcomes, continuously improving the journal's contribution to the field.
❖ Continuously update and adapt the journal's focus areas and scope to address emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in community medicine.
❖ Strive for financial sustainability through effective resource management, grant funding, and strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

The scope of the Journal

The scope of the preventive medicine journal encompasses a wide range of topics related to preventive medicine and public health. It covers research, studies, and interventions aimed at preventing diseases, promoting health, and improving population health outcomes. The journal welcomes submissions from various disciplines, including but not limited to:

⮚ Epidemiology and Biostatistics: Studies on the incidence, prevalence, and distribution of diseases, risk factors, and their impact on population health.
⮚ Health Promotion and Behavior: Research focusing on health promotion strategies, behavior change interventions, and the social determinants of health.
⮚ Preventive Interventions: Evaluation of preventive measures, interventions, and programs aimed at reducing the burden of disease and improving health outcomes.
⮚ Screening and Early Detection: Studies related to the development and evaluation of screening programs for early detection of diseases and conditions.
⮚ Vaccines and Immunization: Research on vaccine development, efficacy, safety, and immunization strategies for the prevention of infectious diseases.
⮚ Environmental and Occupational Health: Investigations into the impact of environmental and occupational factors on health and strategies for prevention and risk reduction.
⮚ Chronic Disease Prevention: Studies focusing on the prevention and management of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory diseases.
⮚ Health Policy and Systems: Research on policies, healthcare systems, and their impact on preventive medicine, public health, and health equity.
⮚ Health Education and Health Promotion: Studies on health literacy, health education interventions, and community-based health promotion programs.
⮚ Implementation Science: Research focused on the translation of evidence-based preventive medicine into real-world practice and the evaluation of implementation strategies.

The journal aims to publish original research articles, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, brief reports, and commentaries that contribute to the advancement of community medicine and have the potential to inform policy, practice, and public health decision-making.